We Will Miss You, Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks, the voice changer of a century, passed away yesterday. Well known for his works in The New York Times and his own clinical writings, Sacks was a needed voice in the world’s growth regarding neurologically atypical individuals. His work covered everything from Visual Agnosia (The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,

Why Just the 'Tip'?

I got an odd email recently, asking why I have just heads on my memes. The answer is easy. My people look like penises. Always. I try really hard for that to not happen, but it just does. It has become so comical that I don’t even consider drawing people any more, because, well, cocks

Be Productive, Jerk

My brain is melting. The hot Arizona sun has invaded our home. The cooler broke, and now we’re all just hot as hell. It’s hard to work, and the heat kills happiness with tiny cruel daggers. It also slows our home’s work flow. The kids have to do school, Jenny and I have to work.

Where's the Fun?

I’m learning the hard way that social life can be weird while working at home. I miss so many of my friends, but I can’t see everyone, because my groups are too varied, and I can’t go to everything. It sucks. Working at home makes my schedule more flexible, but it doesn’t mean I get

Heart of Glass

This morning, I’m a bit behind. Sometimes, writing all day for several days can kinda gum me up. I get locked into my own little world, and have a hard time stepping away. So today I’m taking a break. Jenny and I are working on our extensive to-do list, and I’m doing my best to

When Meds Attack

Today is weird. I woke up feeling great. I had a responsible breakfast, and took my medication. I did my normal, but now I feel faint and sick. I’ve done a pretty decent amount of sitting on the stairs instead of going up and down all at once. I can only attribute this to my