I’m Tired of Gun Control Law Conversations—So Here’s Some Shit I Wrote

Okay, guys. Chill the fuck down. The thing is, all over the world, it has been proven that this does not have to be a binary argument. Here’s an angry rant I left on a Facebook Comment, but I think needs a LOT more attention. Hate me as you will.
News flash: the government is already corrupt, and guns aren’t fixing that because we live in a pansy-ass FOXNATION of morons who think revolting is too much fucking trouble. Our God-damned cops are riding around in tanks, and nobody’s thinking “hmm, why the fuck are our police acting like this is a military state? We have guns, so this isn’t an issue. Carry on, over-reaching government, as long as you leave my guns alone.”
Next? People are not getting the healthcare or mental healthcare they need. THIS is a KEY component of where I think gun laws need to be introduced.
If you’re too crazy to get a job, you’re too crazy to get a gun. If you’ve a history of making bad decisions that can kill people (multiple DUIs, felony drug charges) you’re not the kind of person who should have easy access to a gun. Yes, I know that (in theory) it’s illegal for felons to get a gun. I’ve seen exactly how well that works. *cough* IT DOESN’T*cough* There’s just too many guns.
I say this knowing very well that I would never be able to own a gun because of my history of mental health concerns. Do I think I need a gun? No. Is this because I’m a “straight, white, conservative, male?” No. I do it because I’ve seen firsthand how it works out for rich, poor, black, white, hispanic, straight, gay, man, woman, child. As a queer non-male, I only see the way it ends. It ends in DEATH.
It’s the heartbreaking death of my LGBTQ family that has me finally, decidedly, on the side of protecting my brothers and sisters in America. You can have your guns, if you only have 1 per adult per household. You can have your guns if everyone in your house can pass a sanity check, a background check, and a skills and responsible behavior test. Have all the ammo you feel you need. Don’t tell me how it’s okay that kids and the untreated mentally ill and criminals can get their hands on military-grade assault weapons. Buy, trade, and use guns responsibly. Make it difficult for others to be irresponsible. Hold EVERYONE to a higher standard.
Breeding a community of fear does nothing but divide the people who should be standing together, and rising up in peace and compassion.
Do not mistake me. THIS IS NOT AN US VS THEM. This is AN US VS US situation, and it’s time it ENDS.

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