• What do I do if I’m suicidal?
    Call the suicide prevention hotline @ 1-800-273-TALK
    If it is already an emergency, call 9-1-1, or go to your local hospital.
  • Why ‘Terminally Intelligent’?
    The correlation between a high IQ and mental illness is significant, almost overwhelming in some areas. Individuals who were straight-a-students in high school are 4 times more likely to be bipolar, as an example. If a higher IQ means a higher chance of being mentally ill, and being mentally ill increases one’s chance of suicide, then a higher intelligence could beget higher risk for suicide, thus Terminal Intelligence.
  • Do you really have such a screwed up family?
    Yes. They are beautiful people, and I love them all. They are fun, and crazy, and terrifying, and dangerous. What can I say? They are literally my family. That doesn’t change.
  • Why do you sometimes say “Dad” when referring to a live person and “Father” when referring to a dead person?
    My father (Bob) was a broken, depressed, lonely man. He had more love and sadness in him than he could stand. He bore the weight of his many estranged children very heavily. One day, he gave up. He killed himself, and left his family behind.
    My Dad, however, is a great man with no natural children. I adopted him years ago, and we have been each other’s family for nearly a decade. We would do anything to help each other, and that’s as “family” as it gets. My father is dead, but my Dad is still going strong.
  • What is your medical diagnosis?
    This is a sticky one. For the sake of privacy, I don’t publish my diagnoses. If you read through all of my posts, you might get an idea, though.
  • Are you a veteran?
    Sadly, I was unable to serve in the American Armed Forces due to medical disqualifications. My PTSD is non-military, but I take my hat off to every single man and woman who has risked their life to save others.
  • Is your blog “safe for work?”
    No. Not even a little.

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