Dude — What Was I Saying?

Memory has often been a challenge for me in my past. Sometimes, a big challenge. I’m noticing lately that I’m forgetting stuff. Teensy stuff, like whether I turned a light off, or if I’ve said something. A client told me yesterday that I’d made the same joke about his last name the last time I’d


Today I joined my family in wishing an amazing 70th birthday to a dear family member. She asked us to each write her a poem, considering what it will be like to be living an 8th decade. My wife and kids are close relatives, and wrote from the heart. But me… I’m a new addition to

Wil Wheaton on UROK

Wil Wheaton, the most beloved of nerds, opened up to Project UROK about his anxiety and depression. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful video, so I’m sharing with you what I saw: If you want to see more of these, Project UROK is a great group of people, who you should totally share. Here’s their YouTube