Patriots Love Veterans

All the love for these guys.

All the love for these guys.

For 9/11 this year, I’d like to reflect on the people who are still affected by the fallout of that event fourteen years ago. American soldiers and veterans.

I love veterans. I was (understandably) denied the chance to participate in the Air Force and later all other branches of the military because of chronic illness. Nobody wants a soldier that’s sick a lot. Fair enough. But I have never lost one shred of respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line so that weirdos like me can live our quiet lives and not worry about crazies.

Now here’s something you don’t always know about our heroes:

  • They are human.
  • They struggle.
  • They fight demons.
  • They come home with scars inside and out.
  • Veterans are more likely to be suicidal due to their PTSD.
  • Veterans are more likely to act on suicidal urges.
  • Female veterans are four times as likely to commit suicide compared to female civilians.

Finally, they deserve your respect. I can’t tell you exactly how strongly I mean that. I don’t care what president they serve under. I don’t care what orders they are forced to carry out. I don’t care what war, what battle, what event they have to survive to come out on the other side to be our heroes-come-home. They deserve your respect.

Hate war, if you must.
Hate government, if you must.
Care about your veterans. They respected you so much they risked their lives on your behalf. You owe them, end of story.

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