Wil Wheaton is a Genius

If you haven’t seen his new post, check it out. There are just days when I struggle. Last night, I had some serious anxiety, and I can’t explain it, because I don’t have the words. My dad is hurting, I’m hurting, and generally, everything isn’t okay right now.

I was feeling really down, and a friend (unknowingly) helped me out by sharing Wil’s post. It made a difference. Not a lot, but enough. I thought I’d share it with you, because I can’t share my own story today.

I’m going to spend today remembering that I’m not a complete failure, no matter what I (or certain others) may think. I have a successful life. I just don’t have the one I always thought I would have. Have a good day guys, and I’ll be better tomorrow (I hope).

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    There will be days after today that WILL be better.(no pun intended). You should also remember this. Your blog does so much good for so many people. You give a glimpse into your life that is well-written. Not just your struggles, but who you are aside from them. Hugs. Love ya.

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