Symptoms of Anxiety and a New Medication

As you can see from my last post, I had a bit of a stressful weekend. It was totally worth it, but now I have to deal with the fall out. The physical and emotional symptoms will continue for a few days yet, and having to deal with them is a challenge.

Let’s start with the physical symptoms. I’ve been chewing my tongue in my sleep. The sides of my tongue look a bit like raw hamburger, and I can’t stop myself from doing it. I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep as well. This leaves my entire jaw swollen and my whole face hurts. Between these two things, I keep slipping into a speaking pattern that makes me sound like I have a lisp. It’s annoying and embarrassing.

My emotional symptoms begin with dreams/nightmares. I dream very realistic things. You know, things that could totally be plausible. For example, I dreamed that I cleaned the litter box. I also dreamed that several of my friends decided that my emotional needs were just too much, and that they needed a break from me for a little while. It’s like being broken up with, but by a bunch of people you thought would be there forever. Thankfully, the nightmare ended. Sadly, I had to wake up and clean the litter box.

I spent most of the day yesterday chewing gum, so that I wouldn’t bite my tongue during the day. I have also been drinking hot tea, and eating as many fruits and veggies as I can cram down my throat. Hopefully, I will lower my stress, and raise my energy in a positive way.

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Also, I started a new medication, Zoloft. We will see if it helps, but it is supposed to take a few weeks to really kick in, so I haven’t noticed any changes yet. Hopefully, the Zoloft, as an anti-depressant, will help my depression, my OCD, and my anxiety. These are all things that are sometimes treatable with an anti-depressant. It may take care of a lot of these things, and it might not. I tried Zoloft last year, with some other medications, and the combination made me sleep all day, and have tremors. So far, I haven’t experienced either of these things so far, but it’s only been a week.

Have any of you taken an anti-depressant before? Please feel free to comment, telling me whether or not it worked for you, and what you took. I would love to learn how they affect other people. Carry on.

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  1. K

    I have taken many different anti-depressants over the years. All have side effects that are unpleasant (Weight gain, lack of sexual response, drugged feeling). None really take away the depression. I finally stopped taking them for good last month, but the effects linger (brain zaps from withdrawal). I don’t know when they will stop, or even if they ever will. I’m just as depressed, but I don’t feel “drugged” or “zombiated” like I did on the pills. I still take other pills for other problems, but I don’t think I’ll ever let them put me on anti-depressants again. Hope they work better for you.

    • Thanks! So far, I’ve noticed a slight decrease in my OCD tics, and a slightly lower anxiety. Could be my diet, though. We will see.

  2. Diane

    Hi Rory,

    I’m a friend of Michael’s. I read a little. I’ve been on AD’s for years now. Right now I’m on Lexapro 15 mg. a day & it really has helped me a lot. I was on it before & it helped then also. Long story about why I went off of it, but had nothing to do with s.e., etc. I’m also on Ativan, which helps me a lot. I know quite a few people that are on Lexapro. You might want to give it a try. None of us feel like a zombie. 🙂 I’m going to read the other links that Michael sent me and also tell you my story of anxiety, panic, etc. Take care!


  3. Rachel

    My most effective anti-depressant/anti-anxiety was Effexor XR. Still had occasional (less heavy) panic attacks. And a period where I bottomed out (doctor doubled the dose which did stabilise things). This was until the pills started making me sick and I figured out that I didn’t need or want them anymore. Withdrawal was like being a human yo-yo. Up one minute and down the next.

    • Good to know. I’m still learning about anti-depressants, so more is better. I’m sorry they didn’t work for you, over the long run. But, I’m glad you take an active role in your medications.

  4. Dana

    Hi Rory,

    Remember me, the organic apple cider vinegar girl from a couple days ago?

    I have been on Lexapro for about 10 years, slowly upping the dose as the results diminished. I am now at 30mg per day. It has been a miracle for me. I would be dead without it. It is subtle yet effective and I have had no complaints about it. My shrink says he will keep upping it If feel I need him to every few years. I have OCD, self harm, depression, anxiety (social and otherwise), and PTSD from hellish childhood. No this has not all miraculously disappeared, but I know the time of day and seasons which trigger it the most, and why. I cope but sometimes still crumble.

    Let me ask you something. If you were diagnosed with cancer would you refuse treatment and take the out? I may be facing this scenario when my biopsies come back next week.

    • With the cancer thing, it’s a hard thing to answer. I don’t know where you are in life. But you asked what I would do. I would seek treatment. I don’t care if it’s painful, expensive, invasive, whatever.
      Giving up is almost the same thing as committing suicide, to me. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying it’s wrong for me.
      I want to live, I want to be.
      All the positive energy in the world to you. I hope you are strong, no matter the results of your biopsy.

      • Dana Heinrich

        I agree with you and I have decided to fight if I get the diagnosis I hope I don’t get. Life is too beautiful at times to just walk away from it all. I hope to have my blog FigandDoxie up in the next few days. It is a sort of chronicle of my path to self acceptance with some fun day to day stuff thrown in. Take care.

        • You take care too. Don’t hesitate to comment in the future. I hope you do well with your new blog as well!

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