Scents of Allergy Season – My Nose is Broken

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There are days where everything smells like feces. There are also days when milk smells good to me. These are rare, but have a simple cause. Every year I spend about 6 total months dealing with allergies. My nose bleeds 2-3 times a day, and my only option is to get a steroid shot every February and September. It’s bullshit. This year, I’ve decided to skip the steroids, with some gross results.

The other day one of the kids was eating cereal, and when I walked by I nearly threw up. The Cheerios smelled like vomit. This makes it really hard to decide what to eat, because anything can smell bad when my nose is like this.

On Halloween, we took our son trick-or-treating. Someone had started their fireplace, and the whole neighborhood smelled like home. To everyone else, that is. It smelled like rotting meat to me. I had to breath through my mouth the whole time, and kept retching. But the kids had fun, and all that. And I bought candy on sale, so win for me!

I smell bad to myself during allergy season. Nothing I do can make me stop smelling non-existent body odor. I have to rely on Jenny’s keen sniffer to know that I don’t actually smell bad.

Like I said: it sucks.

I hope everyone else is enjoying beautiful fall colors, and the scents of fall. I will be in my bathroom snorting Benadryl for the next 6-15 weeks.

P.S. As always, I would like to remind you to never take any drug in any way that is not prescribed. Snorting Benadryl does not work. I’ve tried—worst headache ever. I was 10, and desperate, don’t judge me. Please be nice to your body, and your mind. Medicate responsibly.

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