I Saw an Interim Doctor Today

I missed an important appointment several weeks ago, because my doctor cancelled our appointment. After I was told she was “sick” for weeks, I went to pick up my prescriptions. They didn’t have anything on file. I stormed (i.e., walked deliberately, with some urgency) up to the office, and demanded (i.e., requested firmly) to know why my prescriptions were not being refilled, even though the office had assured me that my prescriptions would be refilled while I waited to see my doctor. They told me that my case had been closed after my doctor QUIT her job!

I was in a rage. I kept it to myself, though. I politely asked what I could do about this, as I was nearly out of medication, and concerned about not being medicated. They asked me to have to pharmacy fax them the information, and that they would then take care of it. I went back to the pharmacy, had them give ME the prescriptions, and then took them to the office myself. Then they told me that they didn’t actually have a doctor to sign off on those meds. I remained calm (barely), and asked what I could do. They sent the prescriptions to a satellite office, and assured me I would have my meds later that day. Well, they didn’t. I had to take 8 of my smaller pills (the ones I take as needed throughout the day), which were 25 mg, and that made up my normal 200 mg dose.

I was able to get my medicine the next day, and I went to the office again. I asked to please be informed as soon as they knew what I could do, and Tuesday, they called me to set me up an appointment with someone for Friday (yesterday). I went to this appointment without much hope. I needed an evaluation filled out for my therapist, I needed a med change, and I needed a doctor who wasn’t going to ignore my needs.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did she volunteer to fill out the assessment, she took copies of my self evaluation, and my therapists evaluation. She said she would refer to all the assessments, and the records she already had from my previous doctor, and would try to come up with the most accurate evaluation she could. I’m so damned happy! She also listened to my medication concerns, and talked to me in depth about what medications I had taken in the past, which ones I had bad reactions to, and what I would like to try. It was so relieving to have someone why didn’t waste time asking a bunch of garbage questions that wouldn’t help our appointment progress.

I felt bad, then it turned around, and I was glad!

I felt bad, then it turned around, and I was glad!

I am thrilled that I am also going to see her again in a few weeks. She even re-arranged her schedule, so that she could see me on the date that worked best for me. I can’t think of a time when a doctor made me feel valid, while also recognizing the extent of my illness, and not discounting my needs. I could dance.

I hope I get to keep seeing her, because this appointment made me feel really good.

Thanks for listening, dear reader. Carry on.

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  1. I am glad you have a dr. that cares and is on your side. She looks to be both and I couldn’t be happier for you. <3

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