I am not silent for lack of a mouth. I am not anonymous for fear. I am myself.

I am not silent for lack of a mouth. I am not anonymous for fear. I am myself.

Why, with everything that exists out there, am I writing my blog? Why not let some other authors write, as I silently watch and hide in peaceful obscurity? I write because I need to touch on some things for myself. I write, because I need to grow, and to share. I write, because hiding, and being silent, are things I have learned help no one. Hiding and being silent didn’t make World War II easier for those in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation. Hiding and being silent doesn’t help homosexuals in their fight to have equal rights. Someone has to write to be a voice in the dark, an unsolicited hug when you need one most, or just so that you know that, however far away I am from you, I am here, I am strong, and I am proud of you. You are not alone. You are part of a blessedly large community with the ability to talk to each other without picking up a phone, or going outside. Just open your browser, log in, and dive in. Please, treat my experiences, memories, and other works here as a way to see what it’s like for someone else.

I must make a disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, nor am I a psychiatrist. I am not a professional anything unless you count eating Doritos as a profession. Please do not take my experiences or encouragements as a substitute for medical treatment, or frank discussion with your doctor.

There is so much to mental illness. Not all people who are “mentally ill” are going to throw plates at the wall, or scream about the spiders coming out of their ears. Some people who are mentally ill can seem perfectly normal to others, and it’s purely an internal struggle. That does not lessen the degree of that person’s illness. It merely speaks on behalf of the individual that is able to manage their own disease without bringing others down. It is such an all-encompassing thing we are trying to talk about on my blog, that I can’t possibly cover all aspects of even one thing in any given post.

Please feel free to talk back. The comments are here for a reason. Feel free to ask questions, and pose thoughts. I would love to hear back from you. Yes, I accept that “H8ers gon’ H8.” I also know that I love them just as much as I love you guys. You are a big family to me, even if you don’t know why yet. I look forward to us having many great adventures together. Welcome to my world.

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  1. Deana

    There is something to be said about the stigma associated with mental illness. Although there are more communications out there, people talking, etc., many do not understand how treatment helps, still have outdated views of what people go through or represent significant risk in our personal lives and how they are lived at work and home. In some cases, Ro(ry)(bi)(bert) 🙂 it truly is not their business, nor is it wise to disclose it out of bravery. I am not saying it should not be done, but for some, this may be the case.

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