Awesome day behind, awesome day ahead?

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Yesterday was an awesome day for me, if slightly worrisome.

First of all, I was contacted by my physician, who let me know that my screening for Significant Mental Illness (SMI) results were in. I’m officially nutters. 🙂 But of course, you all knew that. This is a great relief to me, because it means I can pursue the therapy and other medical treatments I need to continue to handle my illness.

Secondly, we were able to find our cat. She has been hiding for several weeks now. We were starting to get really concerned when she stopped eating or using the litter pan. Last night we realized that if we didn’t get our things together right away, we may lose her. So I told Jenny that we could relocate her into the spare office space. That way, she wouldn’t be hiding in the cupboard under the stairs, with some self-imposed Harry Potter syndrome. Also, I suggested giving her some milk or tuna. We tried milk, and a little dry food with milk mixed in. She quickly took to both. Then she moved over to plain water, and plain dry food. Our hopes are much higher. We are still taking her to the vet this morning, as we think she may have a sinus/lung infection. Pray for our kitty, please. I don’t know if the kids can handle the cat dying, as we just put down the dog on Monday.

Also, my best friend just started receiving his disability, so my very tight circle of friends is decidedly less worried. Huge weight off of our shoulders.

Today, I get to start volunteering at the local food bank. This is another exciting opportunity for me, because it means more direct involvement in the community. It is also a way that I can make a small difference in my own time, and give to the tri-city area that I have come to call my home.

So, yeah. Life is looking up. Still a bit worried about the cat, but we will see how that goes as time goes on.

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