The MisAdventures of a Bipolar Girl (Day three of the Featured Blog segment).

This chica is rockin'.

This chica is rockin’.

The MisAdventures of a Bipolar Girl is a Facebook blog/group/page/thing that is, in and of itself, a support group.

Some of the things she does include posting birthday wishes to her followers every week, in a unique birthday “card,” and posting fun, sometimes provocative pictures and comics to get your mind going.

However, my favorite thing about her page is: She facilitates an ongoing conversation board, where people can anonymously ask questions, and pose problems, and the community as a whole has a chance to respond. This allows people to talk about very sensitive problems without exposing personal information to those who would use said information in a negative manner. She protects people for the useless and hateful harassment that plagues the internet.

There is so much love on her page.


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