Photo: Jenny Bristol

Photo: Jenny Bristol

Hi! I’m Rory, and I’m an insufferable bucket of sunshine to the outside world. You get to see who I really am. I’m torn, broken, and bleeding. I hurt, and I don’t always love myself. I am chronicling my life and experiences to share with you all, and to someday be able to pass this all on to my amazing children.

I am happy to be a shoulder to cry on, a person to yell at, and a source of non-professional advice. I am not a lawyer, or medical health professional. Please remember that my opinions are my own, and are not sanctioned by any kind of official organization.

If you need to contact me, please email, or tweet me @TerminallyRory, or message me on my Facebook page.

Content on this blog is for educational and entertainment purposes!


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  2. Hello, you insufferable bucket of sunshine! I just had to stop and mention that, because that made me laugh. So congrats to you for managing something so difficult without even trying.
    I’m sorry that you’re really torn, broken and bleeding. I’d rather you be that insufferable bucket of sunshine, any day.

    • Thanks for your kindness. Unfortunately, it takes lots of trying. Lots and lots of trying. With lots of apologizing, sometimes. But I’m glad I made you laugh!

  3. Hi, I followed you over from the Bloggess’ site. I saw your name was Rory and so I really had to make sure I popped in! I’m a new blogger, so I’m feeling my way around other blogs, learning and wondering how it is that it took me this long to start enjoying blogs. My first was Jenny’s and it’s grown from there. I’ll be back to check it out more. I hope you have a good thanksgiving!

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