The Bloggess, and her touching, touching moments.

"Like Mother Teresa, only better."

“Like Mother Teresa, only better.”

Jenny Lawson (no, not my Jenny) is an awesome person. (So is my Jenny.)

I’ve been reading through her archives because, well, sometimes you miss something awesome on a good blog. And sure enough, I had. The post is here: it-comes-around-and-around.

The thing that struck me about her post is her ability to not force herself “to just smile and ‘be happy’ .” She is so able to re-evaluate her situation by viewing the world in a slightly different way sometimes.

I also love her ability to remember that “Depression lies.” It is so hard sometimes to keep that one little thought in mind when you need to most. I am constantly amazed by her. If any of you want a different perspective, I heartily encourage you to check her out. Again, she’s at The Bloggess. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

BTW, her book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is coming out in paperback on March 5th. Feel free to pre-order! It’s already in print in a hardcover version.

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