New files, new posts, and another chance.

New files, new posts, and another chance.
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I came home tonight, as some of you have already heard. I had a good lunch, and dinner with friends, then came home and just went full out CATHARTIC. I cleaned and I don’t mean that I dusted a few things, or that I went all OCD either. I just picked an area and worked on it, with Jenny and the kids, until it was clean. I also went on two walks today.

I’m going to post about each day of my stay, so that you can get a feel for what I went through. What helped? What didn’t? I want to share that all with you. But for now, I have had an extraordinary day, and I need some rest. I love you all.

Oh, one last thing. The most important thing. THANK YOU EVERYONE. The outpouring of love, and compassion, from everyone was disturbing. Not in a sad, unsettling way, but in a way that made me examine life, and the people I have surrounded myself with. You all made me stop in my tracks, and rise out of a deep place inside.

I have some really awesome people in my life. Thanks for supporting Jenny while I was away, and for continuing to check in on me. It means the world to me… and potentially my life. I cannot express enough how grateful I am. Good night.

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