Wedding Adventures: Dieting

Sorry for the quiet weekend, I took a little relaxation time.

Jenny and I are only a few months away from our wedding, so we are hoping to lose some more weight. I’ve already hit my first goal by losing the first 50 pounds, but I still would like to lose another 15. Jenny also wants to lose a little weight before the wedding, so we are going to start a new diet, which requires periods of fasting. This kind of diet has always worked well for me, and I know I will be able to lose the rest of the weight. Jenny hasn’t tried a diet like this before, but we are both hopeful.

At some point soon, we are going to have to start making her dress, and organizing what I will wear. We don’t want to make too much progress this far before the wedding, because we want everything to fit. Here’s hoping we get there soon enough that it isn’t a time crunch.

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  1. Amy

    I’m so excited about your wedding, even though I don’t know you in “real” life. Just reading what you and Jenny write reveals to me what a wonderful couple you are. Best of luck with the weight loss. I am proud of myself for losing 15 lb in the past month, but I have about 35 more to go to reach my goal. Still, I’m happy about the progress I’m making and how well I have adjusted to healthier eating habits and daily exercise. I want to reach my goal by my 35th birthday in June, so fingers crossed!

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