Wanna See My New Brand Design?

After I spent many hours figuring out how to do a hundred things I thought I’d never need to do, and using dozens of skills I thought I’d never get to use, I’ve finished the re-model. I know it’s drastic, and there are a lot of changes. I know some of you us have a hard time with change. I just thought it was time to drop my dated idea of what a website should look like.

Thanks to the magical people of Twitter and the enormous community of bloggers, I think I was able to re-imagine Terminally Intelligent in a way that will make it easier to read, and hopefully bring in more readers. I’m not here for the views, honestly. But I’m also not just writing a journal. I’m hoping to reach people. I want to help, dammit.

The best part of the Internet is that we aren’t alone. You don’t have to be alone. Nobody does. I can’t reach everyone on my own.  I’d need an army of Internet bad-asses. Thankfully, I have you, my friends and companions through both darkness and euphoria. I don’t ask it often, but please consider sharing this page with someone you think might benefit from it.

What you can do: Share my posts. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. The most powerful thing I’ve learned through this project is that you cannot know anything. You cannot know which of your friends needs help. You can’t know who will be helped by a hug, a text, or even the ramblings of an online advocate like myself.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for the comments, emails, tweets, and other nudges. You make me feel so much less alone every day.

Share if it spoke to you!


    • Thanks Amy! It took a REALLY long time to figure out all of the elements. It was fun, though, so I am not complaining. 🙂

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