That…..Was Nuts

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A few hundred emails, messages, and letters later, my birthday is over. Holy shit dudes. If the Internet was slow at your house, it’s probably because my computer was hogging it all. I avoided my computer, phone, and such most of the day, so when I finally sat down…

I’m in tears. You guys are awesome. I have a huge fuzzy feelings today, and it’s because of all you beautiful people who took a second to send me love.

I call my 28th birthday a success.

This is kind of what my day looked like:

image: Rory Bristol

image: Rory Bristol

Applejack was on my birthday cake. The Goblin Arsonist in the background is one of my favorite Magic cards. We played a lot of games. It was awesome.

I’m going to go cry a little more before my kids wake up. I feel amazing. And thanks, again.

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