So yeah…

Image: Public Domain

Image: Public Domain

There’s this thing. It’s called getting sick. I hate it. For whatever reason (allergies, bug going around) I have been sick for ages. I’m so over it. Allow me to wallow: FIT FIT FIT FIT FIT. There. I’m done. Hopefully I will be feeling better before my first trip to California (this year). I leave in a gosh darned week!

On to other things though:

I seem to be on an offensive bent lately. I have hurt several of my friends, and I don’t know how to stop feeling like a jerk about it. This is one of the worst things about anxiety. I never worry about the right things. I always seem to worry about things that don’t matter, and forget to consider things like being rude. It’s exhausting to always feel like I’m doing the wrong thing.

I’m also hanging out with some new people, and planning to hang out with them more. I’m just tired of being jerked around. Most of my friends are really cool–they just happen to come with friends that I can’t stand. It makes me sad, and I can’t really tell someone I care about that I hate their friends. /sigh

Otherwise, things are good. The level of drama is down, I got to hang out with some cool people last weekend, and I’m generally making an effort. It makes me feel good about what’s going on in my world, even when I feel like junk myself.

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