Rory’s in the Hospital Again – Day Five: He Gets Released Today

I don’t know why, but Rory’s time in the hospital this time around has been much harder on me than the last one. I cried plenty last time, too, maybe even more than this time. But this time it’s just been exhausting for some reason. And he hasn’t been in for as long as he was last time, so I don’t know why. Maybe because I know him better now (together 9 months instead of 3). I think part of it is that I haven’t had any time to talk with him alone since I checked him in. With Rory, who else is around greatly affects how he acts. I need to check in with my Rory, whom I haven’t seen since early Wednesday.

I’m so exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’ve had to deal with this in a vacuum, without the usual feedback I get from Rory. That’s probably why it’s been harder this time. I’ve been fairly useless, getting only the minimum done while he’s been in the hospital. Yet I’ve been so insanely busy. Mostly with talking with people on the computer, tending to the animals, and getting basic life tasks done.

He gets released today, likely in the afternoon. They made him take out his gauges from his ears, so our first stop is likely either somewhere to buy him tasty food, or the mall to get him something to help his ears get back to size. (For those who don’t know, he doesn’t have those crazy huge things in his ears. They are fairly small, but you can see through them. I think they’re cute. But I’m also glad they aren’t bigger.) I wish we then had a couple of days with no one else around, but the kids get home from their dad’s tonight. And Rory’s dad keeps saying he’ll take the dog. Steve, please come take the dog… After Rory gets home and the dog can see that he’s okay.

On to today’s adventure. Hug your loved ones, people.

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