Pi(e) Party 2014 Shock and Aww!

Image: Susan Holt

Image: Susan Holt

Last night, I went to a Pi(e) party, which became a balloon party, which was all good fun. The balloon artist had joined us at a party in the past, but I had missed my opportunity to have something made for myself at the time. This time around, however, I was quick to run to her, and request a turtle balloon hat. I wouldn’t have guessed that she’d make me a Raphael themed one, but it was totally awesome because Rory means red, and it starts with an R and that isn’t a coincidence, it’s totally intentional.

The cuteness was overwhelming. There was a balloon velociraptor, a USS Enterprise, steampunk hats, and even balloon weapons, including a crossbow, a bow, swords, and cute arrows. Flowers, butterflies, feathers, headbands, and monkeys all made appearances, inspiring a never ending litany of “ooh-aah-pretty!”

It was a great evening, with great people. I got many compliments on my peach/blueberry pie, and I had many pieces of my favorites. I even got the chance to get a little help repairing one of the books Jenny gave me for Christmas, which was very exciting, because I’ve been a little afraid to use it.

At some point, however, the balloons popping and the multitude of odd sounds coming from every direction came to a head, and I decided it was time to go. As I was saying my goodbyes, someone received a present, which was a great surprise to her. She screamed in excitement and every hyper-vigilant nerve in my body went on high alert. It was definitely time to go.

She was very sorry after her mother pointed out that her behavior was very startling to me, and made a point of telling me how sorry she was. I assured her that, as always, my mental health should not affect the genuine reaction she had. I am glad she is happy, and I hold no grudge or hard feelings. In fact, I hope I didn’t reduce her joy. Everyone deserves the ability to be themselves. I’m pretty sure her mother reads my blog regularly, so if you see this, my friend, please make sure your daughter knows that I’m glad she is excited for her gift, and I hope she enjoys it with my blessing.

In other news, it turns out I can cut the shape pi pretty darn well. Check it out:

Image: Jennifer Richardson

Image: Jennifer Richardson


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