Labor Day Party – I Left the House and Didn't Die!

Our neighborhood had a Labor Day shindig. We’ve not been out much because we have a looming deadline for a book proposal, so we decided to get our and grill with our neighbors.

I whipped up some hamburger patties, and the kids made cookies. We were go for launch. I took an anxiolytic (a pill that reduces anxiety) and we were off.

It was surprisingly pleasant. Nobody yelled at us for not coming more often. Several people made a point of talking to us. Everyone was kind and welcoming.

I didn’t die, though my anxiety never stopped telling me that I might. My dad tagged along, and enjoyed meeting folks. It was a thing. It didn’t kill me.

I’m proud of me. Hope you all had a good weekend.

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  1. Burgers and cookies sound yummy. Glad you kicked anxiety in the ass and had some fun anyway.

    • It was a relief. I’m pretty constantly afraid that my neighbors are judging me. 20+ years of that particular anxiety…

      • I don’t have outward anxiety off judgement. Mine is KEEPING them from finding out in the first place. Hence the pseudonym.

        • True that. I wish I could teleport to my car, so my neighbors don’t see me ignoring their screaming kids, or God forbid, walking past a week without picking it.

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