I Googled My Symptoms…

Image: WebMD

Image: WebMD

I know, rookie mistake. Most modern adults know that using the Internet to figure out what’s wrong with your body is a fast-track to a false belief that one has cancer. That being said, I’ve had some surprisingly strange symptoms in my feet over the last couple of days. Mostly, I can’t keep them warm.

I’ve wrapped them in blankets, put on shoes, socks, etc., and even put a heating pad under my desk. The cats have fallen in love with the heat-nest that is under my desk. Nothing works. The tops of my feet sweat, but the entire front halves of my feet are cold!

So I did the unthinkable. I Googled my symptoms, and compared different articles. After I explored about 18 different options, I realized it was just low iron. That’s easy enough to fix. Red meat, broccoli, and vitamins. Om nom nom nom nom!

For those of you who don’t already know this, I live in northern Arizona. While the rest of the country is freezing its bits off, I am (un)happily enjoying 77 degree weather today. I’d totally take the cold feet, if it were, I dunno, cold! Generally, we get a decent winter, this far north. People may be used to wearing shorts during the day in Phoenix, but here, we like our snow!

Someone share some winter with us? The pollen counts are through the roof, and my poor bonsai are fighting for a growing season that I’m still trying to convince them isn’t here yet. When we checked the mail yesterday, we realized that the village peach trees are in full bloom. It’s quite pretty, but it’s not cold, and I want my snow-days, darnit!

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  1. Having just went through an out-of-character snow storm here in Northeast GA, you may feel free to come take the rest of this winter to your state lol I used to love the rare moments of snow as a kid…as an adult, not so much! Plus my little boy is oddly terrified of it so he won’t go out and play in it. He was very glad to look out today and see that it has all melted. Best of luck with getting your iron back up! I stayed anemic much of my life until my late teens. I don’t recall the cold feet thing, but then again I think I just felt cold all over, and really tired.

    • Yes, on all points. I’ll gladly take your winter away. Also, I had some beef, and I’ll have some asparagus later. Those food should help. Glad your snow has melted!

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