Dude — What Was I Saying?

Image belongs to: woovakoova.deviantart.com

Image belongs to: woovakoova.deviantart.com

Memory has often been a challenge for me in my past. Sometimes, a big challenge. I’m noticing lately that I’m forgetting stuff. Teensy stuff, like whether I turned a light off, or if I’ve said something. A client told me yesterday that I’d made the same joke about his last name the last time I’d seen him. Trivial stuff, for sure. I’m not forgetting names, or decisions. Most annoyingly, I’m losing track of what I’m saying.

I talk a lot. I’m usually good at keeping a lot of conversation points in my head until it’d be appropriate to bring them up again, and all that. Not right now, though. I walk in a room, say “I think we should…”

The room looks at me expectantly. I realize that I don’t know what I was going to say, or even who I was trying to talk to. It’s very disorienting, and embarrassing. Bleh.

Oh well. Another day goes by. I’ll live, even if I’m annoyed.

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