Code Monkey

"Monkey-typing" by New York Zoological Society - Public Domain

“Monkey-typing” by New York Zoological Society – Public Domain

Sorry for the earworm, but seriously. My yesterday revolved around cleaning and coding. The coding part is for a programming class to learn how to design Minecraft servers. I want to create an interactive place for me and the kids to play with different rules and stuff, all while never having to worry about griefers and trolls. Most servers also have pay-to-win options, or features you cannot access without buying passes, or participating in forums for the server.

I spent hours watching tutorials and following directions. It was interesting, boring, exciting, and a little underwhelming as well. There was so much to keep track of. I’m actually learning Java, and I don’t have to worry too much about it being perfect. If there are errors, they are mine, and nobody else has to point them out.

As you can see, I had a normal day. No crying, no anger, no anxiety medicine. Just a calm day. I call that progress.

P.S. Now I have that fucking song stuck in my head, again! 

P.P.S. [Edit] Got it out, thank God for Britney Spears!

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