A Minecraft Family

Steve, the generic design of a player's appearance.

Steve, the generic design of a player’s appearance.

Our family plays a lot of games. We play so many that Jenny and our daughter get sick of them, which I seriously do not understand. This can make quality family time super difficult. I don’t always know how to move things along, but I do know that I’m willing to try, any time.

Yesterday, Jenny and I organized all of our crafting supplies and tools. This might sound like a small task, but for Jenny and I, crafts are one of our passions. We have dozens and dozens of things. Three sewing machines, a dozen tubs for organizing, and piles of fabric and notions, meant that we cleaned and organized for about ten hours. We were bushed, so when the kids came home, we pretty much had time for dinner, and a >teensy< amount of family time.

The Girl asked for some Minecraft time, and I was thrilled to oblige. You see, Minecraft is such an open-ended thing, we can do hundreds of things together. So we did. Last night, The Girl, the Boy, and I embarked on a hunting mission, and generally enjoyed the little village we’ve built. We played for a long time, so I didn’t write a post for this morning, hence the delay. It warms my heart, too, to wake up to an, “Are you okay?” email. Thanks for caring, guys.

Minecraft cake! The cake is >not< a lie in Minecraft.

Minecraft cake! The cake is >not< a lie in Minecraft.

Minecraft has woven its way deep into the bones of family time, and I can’t be more thrilled. Not because I’ve been playing since its Beta phase, but because it is a no-mess, no-commitment, no-compromise activity. Nobody has to pass on what they’d like to do, so we get quality time together.

If you aren’t going out of your way to play with your kids, try to come up with something. Anything. They deserve your time, and you deserve to keep a vigorous and compassionate relationship with your kids. Hugs to you all. Good Day.

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