Words on a Page


Image: Public Domain

In my never-ending, but often suspended, effort to write my fantasy books, I gave myself a full work day yesterday. I typed for over 8 hours, at over 1,000 words an hour. I typed over 8,800 words in one long marathon, and I’m ready to do it again today. If I do this, and nothing else, I could be finished with the first draft in about two weeks. Of course, I’m not likely to have that luxury.

For now, I’m excited to push forward. It was great to hit the first big threshold in my book. At just under 30,000 words total, I’m around 1/3rd of the way in. I’ll probably write more than that for this book, because some will have to come out. That’s how it works. But it’ll be finished, and I hope it’s this year. Even if it doesn’t get published for another two years, I want to be done writing the first draft in 2015. After that, my goals are less defined.

For today, I’m going to strap in, and do it all again. I’m pumped.  Hopefully my fingers will make it to the end of the day. I’m afraid they might not, especially since it took me three tries to type the word “suspended”… Soda and tea are on the menu, folks. This guy’s got some words to put on a page.

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