Why Do This?

Who it is? Image belongs to: woovakoova.deviantart.com

Image belongs to: woovakoova.deviantart.com

Sometimes, I ask myself the hard question of “Why do Terminally Intelligent?” It’s taxing, emotional, and takes up precious moments of my life. It can be triggering, and can make me feel vulnerable to those who may judge me, or dismiss my life as “unimportant”. But then I get feedback that I couldn’t hope for, from people I didn’t even know might read this blog. I believe I’m helping others, and I pray that I’m right.

Last night, I received a message that made me teary-eyed and humble. Someone I’d never expect to hear from sent me this message last night:

I really appreciate that you open up so much. I love your heart and hope you know how much I love you. It takes great courage to share your truths.

Blown. Away. My family is super large. I have cousins my mother’s age, and aunts and uncles as old as one of my grandmothers. The lovely person who sent this message is a not-terribly-distant relative who I haven’t spoken to for maybe ten years. My mother’s family has avoided her, and by extension us, for decades. It makes me feel more real, more connected to this world, when people reach out.

So I have a challenge for you today. Call, text, email, Facebook, tweet, or write a letter to someone you know who isn’t always at their best. Don’t wait for them to look for help. Reach out today. Make your loved one know that they are a valid person, and thank them for being who they are. I’m off to the races on this one, myself.

Take care of yourselves, and love each other.


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