Whelp, Here We Go! (Love You George!)

Image taken from Facebook.

Image taken from Facebook.

I’m a crazy kind of guy sometimes. It happens, right? Well, the last couple of days have been a tornado of emotions, and I think I’m kind of settling down. And I like where I am.

I’ve always been good in a crisis. The part of my brain that obsesses over how things could be wrong is kinda great when things are wrong. The crazy super computer in my brain is good at seeing all the variables, and taking things into account. This means that while I’m fixing other people’s problems, mine go away! It’s kind of awesome, but also pretty awful, because it means the time I’m most at peace is when someone I care about is in trouble. >.>

No, I don’t take joy in their misfortune. It just gives my brain a chance to obsess in a good way. I’m also not stressed out, because my anxiety brain is working on someone else, instead of beating me up from the inside. Whoo!

Anyway, George came over yesterday to apply for some more jobs, and look at some new rental places. I made bread (one of my favorite activities), and we took a walk. I feel like he’s in a better place, and he says he is, so here’s hoping the next couple of days go well. I gave him some advice, which he suffered through graciously, and he went home. He’s working the next couple of days, so I have to let him be.

So, now is the time I get to crank up the worry meter. I can text him constantly, and still not be satisfied that he’s okay. Or I can trust him to take care of himself. Both ways, I’m super anxious. Whatever. Anyway, here’s hoping that things even out soon. Thanks for reading guys. You are an awesome form of therapy, for me and George both, I think.

I’m doing well. I’ve had a mood reset, which is good. I’m feeling proactive, and I feel reminded of why I’m invested in this world. Earlier this summer, I made a point of picking out a few close friends to invest into heavily. George was one of them, and that’s a huge blessing to both of us, I think.

To George: If I’ve been too pushy, I’m sorry. Also, please tell me. I have been where you’ve been this week, and I haven’t always had someone to kick me in the seat of my pants. I hope I’ve been helpful, and that you don’t hate my guts. On the flip side, please remember that we love you very much, and that I got a crap-ton of readers checking in on you today. So I’m not the only one. Literally hundreds of people checked in today to make sure you are okay. The world loves you, bro. Especially Serbia for some reason. I don’t know what that’s about. I’m not going to bug you too much, but check in if/when you feel like it. Serbia and I would like to hear from you. Hugs.

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  1. Funny how sometimes we can actually mood reset based on a trigger. I’m not complaining either when it happens.

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