The Writing Conundrum

booksOver the last several years, I’ve been writing two series of fiction books, along with my series of non-fiction books on mental and behavioral health. I’m quickly reaching a point where I have to prioritize which books I think will be published quickly, and for a reasonable contract.

It’s mind-bogglingly difficult to decide which of my books may appeal to readers, agents, and/or publishers. Among the three series, I have at least 10 books in the works. This, of course, is on top of my various writing tasks and work.

At some point, it will all become more clear. Until then, I’m stuck trudging through research, my older writings, and new compilations and drafts. I know, this probably sounds dead boring to you. Rightly so. It’s boring as shit, unless I’m writing 100% new content.

Oh well, the life and times of a professional writer.

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  1. Amy

    My problem is hopping from one project to another, and then another ten, before actually completing any of them. So I have this and that stuck in my head, stuck on paper, stuck all over the place…a lot of work and nothing I want to show anyone. But every time I want to say “fuck it!’ and give up, I get this lonesome feeling in my bones, like I MUST write, MUST finish something and aim for publication. Yet, feelings don’t get the job done. Hard work and focus do. I am lacking in the focus department, big time.

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