7 Must-Know Facts About OCD

Every now and then, I get smacked in the face by the sheer volume of misunderstanding regarding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Jokes, memes, comedy routines, and cultural norms all tend to make the obsessive or compulsive individual out to be a control freak, or a bully. But from the other side of the fence, it’s a

OCD My Silent Struggle

People with mental health issues almost all have interesting behaviors. We can’t always control them, and they all manifest in interesting ways. Some of them can be worked with, or ignored, some can’t. Most of my friends recognize at least some of my behaviors. They see me talk too much, get too physical, dominate the

What Do You Do If You Think You Have Mental Illness?

So, we all know mental illness sucks. It sucks big time. But what do you do when you aren’t sure if you have mental illness? It’s a simple answer, with not so simple results. See a mental health professional. One with gobs of experience, preferably. This isn’t a scam to get you to spend money.