Rory's on Vacation! (From the Blog)

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Don’t worry about Rory, what with the not posting and everything. He’s fine. He’s just busy with holiday tasks, and we’re trying to get to bed earlier. He probably won’t be posting this week.

What’s he been up to, from my perspective? To sum up:

His mood seems slightly improved, and he’s going through a slight med adjustment this week and last week. He’s anxious about Christmas, and also quite excited. He’s an amazing addition to my family. He’ll be surrounded by extra amounts of love this week. He’s been so busy crafting and organizing and thinking about cooking and actually cooking. He’s been a present-wrapping fiend.

We’ve been helping out our friend, George, quite a bit. We saw him again today. We were the moral support while he told his mom and stepdad what he’s been going through. He made it through telling them, and we all helped him with a plan for next steps. We will keep checking on him and having him over.

And today we clean the house like mad, so we can actually enjoy ourselves for Christmas Eve and Christmas. If you need us, we’ll be here, but we may not write anything for several days.

Have a great Christmas to all who celebrate, and enjoy your time off work to the rest of you!

Christmas markets. Image: Wikipedia

Christmas markets. Image: Wikipedia

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