Response to the Jailor

From College.

From College.

Reasons the Jailer is wrong:

Because I’m worth it.
Because I will go out today, even if it’s just a walk.
Because I want to be healthy, and skinny does not mean healthy.
Because I will only tell the truth, and people can interpret it however they please.
Because I can be a good person.
Because I don’t have to be original to be unique.
Because I am happier when things are clean, even if it is temporary.
Because I love my kids, and I want them to be happy.
Because I am worth the risk, and we love each other.
Because I don’t need to retire when I’m 50 to feel like a success.
Because I want to live now, even if I will die later.

I fight because I am strong.
I live because I love myself.
I care because I am a child of an amazing universe, with wonders everywhere I look.
Even if nobody misses me when I’m gone, I will miss me. I will miss the years of experience. I will miss my children growing up. I will miss my future career options. I will miss my chance at the universe.

Thank you reader, for being with me. You make me feel so much less lonely in this vast world.

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  1. Maybe the first quarter moon has something to do with mood? I had two bad days and am finally heading in the right direction. I hope this is how you feel today, Rory.

  2. Amy

    I am going to print this list out and post it where I can see it every day. I need the daily reminder 🙂

  3. doriowen

    Just found your blog through Terminally Intelligent. Beautiful! Love people who love words. My blog is on All the very best to you <3 Dori, Diary of an Arizona Girl/FB

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