I'm Making a Baby–Don't Worry, I'll Share

Dudes. I spent my entire day yesterday typing. Like, 12 hours. It was intense, and I didn’t want to stop, but the kids made cookies, and I kind of ran out of words. I’m still out of said words, so I deserve a medal for typing this. I’m serious.

I’m so close to finishing my book I can taste it. I’m so ready for this. Of course, it’ll be months before it gets to an agent, much less a publisher. But It will be complete. So there.

Good enough for me!

Tonight, I eat pie. Today, I back up my computer, and prepare for my next writing binge. Hopefully the manuscript will be done this weekend. That’d make my year. Just saying.

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    • It does. It really does. Still have a lot of work, but I finally feel like I’m getting there.

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