I Sound Like a 5 Year Old

This is how I feel today. Image from: www.deltadentalidblog.com

This is how I feel today. Image from: www.deltadentalidblog.com

I have a toothache, and I’ve still been chewing my tongue in my sleep, so I sound like a little kid. I’m slurring my words, and my tongue keeps getting stuck on my teeth. The insides of my cheeks have been bleeding off and on, but chewing gum has helped a lot.

Also, I had to go to a company picnic tonight with my future mother-in-law and her boyfriend tonight. I had two bowls of ice cream, because I had the convenient excuse of making my mouth feel better. It totally worked, by the way.

I made an appointment today, to have four teeth pulled on Friday. I hope it goes well, because I was really anxious last time I had a tooth pulled. I’ve called ahead and asked if I could have an anxiety pill beforehand. We will see what happens. Last time, I could still feel him remove the teeth, even after 7 shots to numb the area. I’m hoping it will be a little less extreme this time around.

So, for now, I’m doing the salt water rinses, and drinking lots of herbal tea and vinegar. Yes, vinegar. It’s very good for your body when you are sick. I drink it in the form of the “juice” left behind in a jar of pickles.

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