Engagement Rings

For a variety of reasons, Jenny and I left the engagement ring out in the cold. Mostly this was because spending a lot of money on a ring she’d probably not wear just didn’t seem like a good idea. Also, I proposed a bit spontaneously.

In the end, we’ve spent a large amount of time looking for wedding rings, which has been a journey. Because we both have such a hard time resolving our tastes with each other, we’ve made little progress. The conversation of engagement rings really hasn’t come around much since then, because we just didn’t bother.

Yesterday morning, Jenny, the kids, and I participated in a fun tradition: Valentine’s Day. It was very sweet. I had drawn some cards up in Photoshop. Being my project, they were exactly what I wanted them to be. No card company in the world could make valentines that were as nice and personal as the ones I gave my family members.

2014-02-14 21.33.54

After cards were exchanged, Jenny and I went back to work. A little time passed before the Girl asked us to come out of the office, and in to the hall. She instructed us to close our eyes, and hold out our hands. We did as instructed, and we both received a tiny gift: home-made rings, made by our very own little girl. They are gorgeous, as you can see, and it was a humbling gift to receive. There is no way she could have made her message more clear; She is happy with mine and Jenny’s relationship. I’d even hazard to say that she is encouraging it.


I cried, but only a little, and I hid it. It’s not often someone surprises me with an act of pure love. Mostly, I know who/what/when/where the act will come from. I’m feeling very blessed this weekend. I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Rory, I LOVE the way you write! You have a way of wording things that makes me feel like I’m right there watching it happen and / or feeling the emotion. Please don’t ever stop writing! 🙂

  2. Amy

    That is so sweet! As far as engagement/wedding rings, we have decided to forego that expense altogether. Neither one of us likes wearing rings…it annoys me to death to have something around my finger (or wrist or neck or even in my ears. Nope, no jewelry for this girl). But I know I am not the norm. Most love the symbolism and public display of wedding rings, and I think that is beautiful. Just not for me lol

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