Coping Skill: Minecraft

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Image: Mojang

Yesterday was just hell for me. My kids are on vacation, thankfully, so I was allowed to be a pitiful mess all day without worrying them. My migraine lasted well into the morning. When I finally slept, it was up against the shower, near the toilet with a pillow, a teddy bear, and a blanket. (Thanks, Jenny!)

I woke up to cats rubbing me, loving me, and trying to eat my fingers. I hadn’t thrown up, but I had skipped my evening meds because of the nausea. My daily meds can cause nausea on their own, and I knew they wouldn’t have helped me any last night. So I took what I could, and took a shower.

We went shopping, and I went to work.  I bought a tray of danishes, and ate them like the sad, stupid person I felt like. I enjoyed them immensely. Sometimes, I tell you, it is worth feeding your irresponsible side. Especially when it feels validating and safe. It’s also a great way to dodge your diet!

For my downtime, I spent some serious time on Minecraft. It is one of my favorite coping tools. No, seriously. Minecraft lets me kill things when I’m angry. It lets me grow things when I feel nurturing, and it lets me build things when I feel creative. Oh, and if I mess up while building in Minecraft, it’s easy to delete the mistakes. So much better than painting, in that regard.

I’m also taking a server design course, which means I can make a pretty good stab at using Minecraft to learn greater life skills. Yay for entertaining learning!

I spent a large portion of the evening killing monsters, because making things die is a great way to spend your day. Especially if you don’t have to rinse blood off of your lawn. Which reminds me of a story I’ll have to tell another time.

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  1. It’s great to see another father that likes to unwind with Minecraft. I love bonding with my kids over it but it’s always a lot better when you can go free reign on your world.

    • I think so, too. Last night, I finally died in my longest-lasting hardcore world. I was down to final prep for the End when I died. Good game. Now I’m starting again. So much fun.

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