Committing Multiple Suicides [Now Theoretically Possible]

Screenshot of video

Screenshot of video

So, here I am, working away my day, and my beautiful and amazing wife shared a video. It was cute, and lovey, but also super sciencey. Science-ish. Sort of related to Science. Well, actually quite scientific. Aha! Scientific is the word, there. “…also super scientific.”

Check it out, it’s only a few minutes:


Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you will notice that I have stumbled upon a theoretic ability to commit suicide a bazillion times. Unfortunately, this would (as you saw) leave a trail of inexplicable corpses in my wake. Not at all acceptable. As a conscientious commentator, I hereby forbid the practical applications of science in reference to time travel. Either get on the Fantasy bus, and make it magic, or GTFO. Capiche?

On a more serious note, this all might be moot to you, but for me, it’s a new way of looking at death, and life, and the possibilities of science in affecting me. Hell, I take a small collection of compressed chemical substances to tell my brain what to do. “Don’t see this. Do feel that. Look what you did!” All that jazz.

Science is awesome, and we aren’t done yet. Hopefully, we’ll reach the point where we can fine-tune our emotional regulation. I don’t want a button on my belt that delivers “happy”, and look like Vader. Nor do I want a multi-dimensional-death-machine. I want something simpler, like, maybe, one or two fewer pills a day without reduced function. So if you could do that, Science, that’d be great.

TL;DR: It might be theoretically possible to commit suicide multiple times via time travel, but I don’t suggest it for, well, anyone. Get a magic wand, or a time-turner, and do that shit right.

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