Catharsis (Day four of the Featured Blog segment).

It's all wishful thinking, until the cat gets hurt.

It’s all wishful thinking, until the cat gets hurt.

Some of you might know that I have the word “Catharsis” tattooed on my body. There is some very real inspiration there. The web-comic Catharsis, now only available in archives, is that inspiration. J. Boeke is an amazing artist, whose skill only gets better over time. In her personal-blog-style web comic, she has everyday adventures with a talking squirrel named Baxter, a gargoyle named Percy, and a pet dragon named Rremly. She deals with her problems of lethargy, depression, loneliness, and introverted isolation. Her comics were a real source of inspiration for me while I was trying to muddle my way through my undiagnosed state of mental illness. I hope you all enjoy the hours of nearly-neverending joy that I got to experience.

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  1. Matthew

    I love comics for that. They are never just cartoons but a sounding board for the artist and can be a real comfort.

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