BabyMetal – Yeah, You Heard Me

This pop/metal band “BabyMetal” from Japan is out to revolutionize music, shaking off the been-there-done-that attitude of bubble-gum pop. With a classic “boy/girl band” lyric setup, and a hard-core deathmetal rift lineup, these little girls will make you hate yourself if you are a fan of anything in the music industry.

Why? Because the music is catchy as shit, and the video is FUCKING GREAT. Dressed in cute/terrifying outfits, they sing and dance while a band of skeletons slam out music in the background. Any MetalHead watching this will vomit, and then watch it again. This may be the most hardcore song about chocolate ever done, but it also seems like it would fit in My Little Pony if you stripped away the deathmetal. I’m going to go watch it again, and may God have mercy on my soul.

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