5 to 4 – Not Enough – Not finished

Image in the public domain.

Image in the public domain.

Today marks a day that will live in history for Americans. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that it is unconstitutional for states to ban same-sex marriage. This doesn’t change everything. It isn’t enough, but it’s getting us there. These are the ways this decision isn’t enough:

  • This decision will not remove hate, or bias, or cruelty. It doesn’t change how people feel.
  • This ruling doesn’t provide protection for social equality, including employment, business, and education rights.
  • This doesn’t mean that being gay is “okay” for everyone now. There is still work to be done.
  • Bisexuals, Transgender folk, and other “not queer enough” individuals are still the victims of gay community disregard. We still don’t accept each other 100%.

Now, I’m not trying to be Negative Nancy, or whomever is supposed to rain on this gorgeously decorated parade. I’m saying that there is still work to do. We still have a good fight to fight. We still have to work for equality. Here are some cogs that still need greasing, and puzzles that still need solving:

  • Business owners still retain the right to fire gay people.
  • Churches will still be turning gay people away. For Sunday service, and for weddings, the Church cannot be coerced by this decision.
  • Protesters are still going to protest Queer lives, marriages, and rights.
  • Educating the misinformed, the propaganda victims, and the ignorant still needs to be done. Communities across the country still need to learn understanding.
  • The elitism of “Gay enough” or “Queer enough” is still there. Keep hacking away at it. We still need to work on accepting each other. We must get there, or this has all been for nothing.

Don’t stop working. Don’t become complacent. Don’t give up. We still need each other to make things right. Let’s do it together. Marry each other. Cherish each other. Support each other. Make your lives everything they can be. You deserve this, okay? Everyone deserves the chance to honor their significant other, and there is no higher honor in that regard than marriage. Find support in each other, and make your lives better.

For now, I must thank every person, politician, company, whomever, for the hard work being put in, even now. This ruling is a direct result of your hard work, and you should be proud of what you’ve done. Just don’t rest yet. We all still need you, our champions.

Oh, and Anthony Kennedy, you are my freaking hero. Conservatives on the right side of history give me faith in my own beliefs.

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