Night Pills in the Afternoon

Yesterday, I was dealing with some anxiety. Between cleaning and getting things ready for our kids to come home from vacation, I had a long list of tasks to do above and beyond my normal workday. At some point, I went upstairs to get an anxiety pill. I grabbed some other things, too, then headed back downstairs. When I got downstairs, though, I couldn’t remember actually taking a pill.

At this point, I was berating myself for forgetting why I was going upstairs in the first place. I went upstairs, checked my medicine cabinet, and then it hit me. I had taken my 10 o’clock meds at 1:30 in the afternoon. This included some anxiety medications, but also several medications which make me drowsy. Tough luck for me, I still needed to go to my therapy appointment at 3:00.

I drove there and back again without too much trouble. Once I got home, though, I got some serious sleepy time. I managed to stay up until my actual bedtime, but it was not fun. I played some games and such, and read a little. I know it sounds silly that I fought so hard to stay awake, but if I don’t keep my sleep schedule very regular, I end up waking up at 3am and not sleeping again until the afternoon.

TL;DR: I took my meds at the wrong time, and it kicked my day in the ass. Please remember to take yours on time, too!

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