Be Productive, Jerk

Image: Rory Bristol

Image: Rory Bristol

My brain is melting. The hot Arizona sun has invaded our home. The cooler broke, and now we’re all just hot as hell. It’s hard to work, and the heat kills happiness with tiny cruel daggers. It also slows our home’s work flow.

The kids have to do school, Jenny and I have to work. That shit is much harder to do when it’s nearly 90 degrees in your house. I keep loosing track of pretty much everything. I will set myself a task, and do it. Then I will wander around the house, unsure of how to Human.

Jenny gently points me back to my to-do list. Can I just say that Trello is awesome? If you haven’t used it before, get your ass over there. It’s like Pinterest, but for work, and organizing, and calendar management, and all kinds of awesome shit. It’s half of the reason I’m getting anything done.

I’m sure it’s frustrating for Jenny to see me doing my seemingly nebulous tasks and assignments. Her work is very much sit-here-do-this, and mine is less so, particularly right now. I spend a lot of my day waiting to hear back from folks some days.

So today, I cleaned and did some research. I waited for emails, and I wrote some drafts for some assignments. I organized a bunch of shit, so I can improve my routine. I also studied. A lot. It’s hard to learn something new when it’s hot as hell, but finishing these lessons will mean that I can take on much more complex work. Very exciting.

Until then, I will keep checking my to-do list, rather than sinking into Minecraft like the pixel-junkie that I am.

P.S. I wrote this whole post to procrastinate. My assignment is literally on the screen while I write this. Go ahead and judge me.

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