So I'm Full of Panic Today

This is Fret.  I am fretting today.

This is Fret. I am fretting today.

I might be diabetic. I have a range of symptoms that I’m not going to share here for now. Mostly because I don’t want you guys to post a bunch of comments telling me what other diseases I might have. I’m not a hypochondriac, but I am terrified of the possibility that I may be even more messed up than I thought.

I’m going to have my blood sugar tested in a couple of hours, and hopefully I will get positive results. Sadly, diabetes runs rampant in my family. Most of the adult relatives I have are diabetic. Both of my grandmothers were diabetic, and so are/were most of their children.

There’s no point in obsessing. So I am obsessing over not obsessing. It’s not working very well. I’ll let you guys know what’s up later, I guess. Fingers crossed that my symptoms are due to something boring, like necrotizing fasciitis. Flesh eating bacteria would be a relief. Mostly because then I don’t have to feel bad about eating ice cream and Oreo cookies.

Don’t judge me. I just like food.

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  1. Cynthia

    Diet, diet, diet and no the kind to loose weight and exercise daily. Check out the book titled Sugar Busters. It helps to understand and put you on the right track.

      • Thanks. Just got the results back. My blood sugar is fine. There’s something else wrong with me..

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