OOM Guys — Out of Mana

Mana- the slowly refilling resource for abilities in many popular MMOs. I’m out of it. I can’t do no mo’ tonight. I did a bunch of cleaning, organizing, and forgetting to eat. Toss in a trip to the grocery store, and a serious chunk of research for one of my assignments, and I’m beat.

To top it all off, we are having ridiculously high temperatures, so the growing season has started. This means that pollen is EVERYWHERE. My weather app actually gave me a hazard warning because of the level of pollen. Most years, I get a low-dose steroid shot twice a year for allergies. This year, I’m trying to avoid the shot, and find natural ways to adjust. Sadly, this means I’m having extra nose-bleeds. This afternoon, I didn’t catch one in time, and bled on the floor. Luckily, my light colored shirt was not a victim.

TLDR: I’m spent. Anyone have health or mana potions? I could use a boost.

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  1. Local Honey. It’s weird and tired info, but seriously useful. My guy stopped having asthma attacks daily, and my nose calmed heartily when we made the switch.

    • We use local honey, but it’s a matter of having plants EVERYWHERE. Thousands of trees, bushes, flowers, etc. It’s a hazard of living in a forest with a lot of landscaping. No beehive covers all the bases.

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